Coalition Against Landmines (CALM) Helping child landmine survivors get limbs and attend school

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Teklet with his family and CALM Representative (far left) - May 2009

Teklet with his father and two little brothers walking to school (May 2009)

Teklet in school with friends

TEKLET YEMANE                              

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Wereda Thahtay Adi-Abo, Kebele Badme, NW Tigray region (Ethiopia)

Place of residence: Wereda Thahtay Adi-Abo, Wereda Biyara

Grade: 2nd (2008/9). He started school late because of landmine threat in the area

            and missed two years of school while recovering from landmine


Siblings: three brothers and three sisters

Parent's occupation: both parents are farmers

Type of injury: lost his right leg below knee and left arm below elbow,  

                        right eye and two right hand fingers,

                        and some injury on his right hand and left leg

Cause of injury: Anti-Personnel landmine, in Badme

Activity during the accident: herding livestock

Place and date of injury: Badime, June 2006

Did he get help and rehabilitation after the accident? No

Did other children involve in the accident with Teklit? Yes, two  

              children died and some animals were killed as well.

Are there other child landmine survivors in the area? Yes, there

              are 20 other child landmine survivors in the area. All of them

              are boys between the ages of 8 and 13.

Any demining and mine awareness activity in the area? The government of Ethiopia has done some demining activity in the area a few years ago. Though this has reduced the incident of the accident to some extent, landmines continued to maim and kill children in the area.  


Yearly cost of rehabilitation and school for Teklit

 1. Locally made artificial limb, supportive device      $306.00 

     and other related expenses                       

 2. Education allowance including transport              $320.00 

     and other related expenses    

 3. Misc. 20% (money transfer, telephone)               $125.00

                          Total cost per year =$751.00

TG 2009 Report