Coalition Against Landmines (CALM) Helping child landmine survivors get limbs and attend school

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Genet with her mom in June 2008 at Prosthetic Clinic

Genet (middle) with her friends at the school compound , May 2009

Genet Tetemke                            

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: Wereda Thahtay Maychew, Kebele Merena, in central Tigray region (Ethiopia)

Grade: 9 (2008/9) at Wekro Maray Secondary School

Siblings: none

Parent's occupation: single mom, father died (they live on

                                 pension income of UDS10.00 a month)

Type of injury: lost her left arm above elbow and some eye sight

Cause of injury: Anti-Personnel landmine

Activity during the accident: playing (mistaken a landmine for a toy)

Place and date of injury: Wekromary-Tigray region, May 2005

Did she get rehabilitation after the accident? No

Did other children involve in the accident with Genet? Yes, one  

              child died and one other injured.

Are there any child landmine survivors in the area? Yes, many.

Any demining and mine awareness activity in the area? The government of Ethiopia has done some demining activity in the area a few years ago. Though this has reduced the incident of the accident to some extent, landmines continued to maim and kill children in the area.  


Cost of rehabilitation and school per year

 1. Locally made artificial arm and other supportive devices: $204.00 

 2. Education allowance including transport and related:      $320.00

     Expenses       =  $455.00

 3. Misc. 20% (money transfer fee, telephone)                    $104.00

                                                 Total cost per year =     $628.00 


Genet (second from right) in class room, May 2009